Get Ready First Aid App

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Get Ready to help with the Get Ready First Aid App

Immediate emergency information and videos at your finger tips

  • No more first aid text books
  • Over 70 instructional videos
  • Available in English and French
  • Meets ILCOR, Heart & Stroke, AHA, Red Cross requirements
  • Native app that does not require WiFi to use it

Treatment Categories Include:

ABCs Choking, breathing difficulties, CPR and AED
Trauma: Bleeding/wounds, burns, fractures, concussion
Medical: Epi-pen, heart attack, stroke, diabetic emergencies
Environmental: Frost bite, animal bites, bee stings, heat stroke, poisoning
Overdose: Alcohol poisoning, opiate and fentanyl overdose, Naloxone
Mass Casualty: Triaging and treating multiple patients

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This app was developed to give first aiders immediate access to over 70 short “How To” videos.
Get Ready First Aid App is always with you!

First Aid Categories

Our easy-to-use app is divided into six types of medical emergencies:

  • ABCs (choking and breathing distress, CPR/AED)
  • Trauma (bleeding, broken bones, burns, head/neck injuries)
  • Medical (asthma, allergies/anaphylaxis, heart attack, seizures)
  • Environmental (bites, stings, heat stroke, frost bite, and hypothermia)
  • Overdose (drug and alcohol overdose, including opiates and how to deliver Narcan)
  • Mass Casualty (triage and treating multiple patients)

Action Buttons

These buttons give you instant access to further assistance without leaving the app:

  • Immediate Actions for: Person with a Weapon, Suspicious Package, Exploded Bomb, Vehicle Attack, Opioid Overdose, Fire Evacuation, Tornado, Earthquake, and Tsunami
  • Search – immediately takes you to the treatment topics
  • Emergency Call – Call 911 right from the App
  • Location – to identify your location if needed
  • Camera – Take a photo and save it to your Gallery or share
  • INFO – official links for more information before, during or after an incident

Ease of Use

Each section is only a few clicks away from the needed information.


Get Ready First Aid App is available on both Android and iOS platforms. All the content including the videos are installed in the initial set up and allows access even if WIFI is down. The app is less than 100mb.

Please allow all the pop-up permissions in order to successfully install the app.

3 reviews for Get Ready First Aid App

  1. Lisa Swatogor (verified owner)

    The Get Ready First Aid App has been a great addition to my first aid and CPR courses. It’s reassuring to know that participants leave the classroom with the answers right at their fingertips and that they have the opportunity to review emergency and first aid procedures at any point by activating the app on their phone and watching any of the 70 videos. Providing first aid can be a stressful experience but the Get Ready First Aid App makes my participants feel as though they have a first aid coach beside them, helping them through any medical emergency.

    Including the Get Ready First Aid App as a regular part of my training program has opened many opportunities for me. Employers love that we are providing their staff with a tool that can make a true difference in an emergency situation.

    It is also a tool that can be utilized long after the training and that employers can request that student review these videos during health and safety training.

    Lisa Swatogor –

  2. Edward B (verified owner)

    I am an adult rec-league hockey player and was participating in a one-day tournament yesterday. In the game before ours there was a major collision and 2 guys crashed heavily into the boards. The one guy who got the worst of it had badly injured his shoulder and needed to go to the hospital. Remembering I had the Get Ready First Aid App I quickly and easily navigated to find out how to properly apply a sling to stabilize his injury for the car ride. The video talked us through it perfectly. I heard back later from his wife that it was a broken collar bone. She was thankful for the good work with the sling.

    I have never had any first aid training but there in the palm of my hand was all I needed to make a difference and help an injured person.

    Thank you for creating this brilliant app!

  3. Heather M (verified owner)

    A colleague of mine has epilepsy. We did quick pole around the office and learned that staff would not know what to do if our colleague had a seizure.

    The Get Ready First Aid app was our training tool!

    We reviewed it starting at “signs and symptoms” then “FAQ” and finally the video on how to place the patient in a recovery position.

    It was easy to use with clear concise information and provided our staff with the confidence to act accordingly should a situation arise.

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