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Get Ready Online Inc. - Scott Ashley CEO - CCFP

Scott Ashley, CCFP

President and CEO

Scott is the President and co-founder of Get Ready. Scott’s strong innovative and conceptual abilities combined with his comprehension of “incident management systems” provides the ability to re-engineer and build highly regarded integrated programs for the public and private sectors. His vision continues to shift organizations from “binders” to cloud-based programs with desktop and mobile applications.

He has over thirty years experience in emergency management from his early years as a paramedic, where he worked in Alberta, Los Angeles County, Toronto EMS, and the Ontario Ministry of Health – Air Ambulance Program where he served eight years as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic on the Bandage One helicopter.

Scott started a first aid company and within eight years had over 1,000 clients, and delivered over 250 courses per month. Scott led the AED program implementation for the Toronto Cardiac Safe City Program and the Ottawa PAD program with over 300 sites. He has developed Incident Management programs for government and the private sector, and delivered programs with organizations such as Osler, BLG, Gowlings, Deloitte, Falconbridge (Glencore), Sanofi Pasteur, University of Guelph, Sunlife, Manulife, SERCO, Scotiabank, York Regional School board, Trillium Health Partners, and Niagara Health to name a few.

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Get Ready Online Inc. - Craig Sumpter

Craig Sumpter

Client Solutions Specialist

Craig has almost 20 years of experience in Emergency Management. This experience was gained with tenures in the military, front line policing, Tactical and Rescue (SWAT), Bomb Squad, and experience with Operational Planning for major events and bomb threat/active shooter contingency planning for the public and private sectors.

Craig has had the pleasure of serving the community as a Tactical Team Leader and retired from policing as the Officer in Charge of an Explosive Disposal Unit.

As Get Ready’s Program Director, Craig has worked closely with clients to develop EM and BIA/BCP programs. Craig has worked with the Get Ready team assisting sectors such as big financial, pharma, health care, and transportation. Because Craig has worked at the “tip-of-the-spear”, he understands the value of how Atlas and its sub-programs, such as the Immediate Business Impact Assessment Tool, assists organizations in successfully navigating critical incidents.

Get Ready Online Inc. - Christel Hollinger Ivanyshyn - ABCP, CMM II (EMP), Dipl MM

Christel Hollinger Ivanyshyn, ABCP, CMM II (EMP), Dipl MM

Program Development Specialist

Christel designs and develops the content for Get Ready’s incident management programs, including Emergency Management and Business Continuity programs for healthcare, government and industry. She is also a part of the implementation team, ensuring our clients needs are met.

Christel has over 20 years of emergency response and emergency management experience, working for the chemical industry, municipal government and healthcare. She co-chaired the Province of Ontario Interoperability Task Group (POINT), and participated on provincial Critical Infrastructure Assurance Program working groups and national Technology Interest Groups to promote interoperability across Canada. She has created multi-tiered emergency management plans, and provided leadership for tornados, mass casualty incidents, ice storms, and H1N1.

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Get Ready Online Inc. - Mike Christian MD, MSc (Public Health), FRCPC

Mike Christian

MD, MSc (Public Health), FRCPC

Mike has been a senior healthcare sector leader with nearly 30 years of experience and a strong track record of high-performance. His specialisms include critical care, infectious diseases, military, aviation and pre-hospital medicine. Mike has enjoyed a diverse range of roles, including Chief Safety Officer for a large multi-site Hospital System, Medical Director of Critical Care Response Teams in Canada, and Director (Founding Board) of Ontario Agency for Health Protection & Promotion Health System. In 2016, he moved to the UK for a sabbatical with London’s Air Ambulance. Having decided to remain in the UK, Mike was recruited to join London’s Air Ambulance’s senior team to lead on the delivery of key objectives within their research and quality strategies.

Mike completed an MSc in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He is a retired member from the Regular Forces of the RCAF having served tours in Haiti and Afghanistan and continues to serve as a reserve specialist medical officer/flight surgeon. Mike has responded to a number of disasters including SARS, the 2010 Haiti earthquake and was one of the first on scene of the London Bridge attack and has advised governments about emergency preparedness issues. Mike’s academic pursuits focus on disaster management and emergency preparedness, and in 2018 was identified as one of the top 3 authors in the field of Disaster Medicine between 2008-2017.

Mike is a member of the Get Ready Board of Directors and works with the leadership of Get Ready, providing advice and guidance on the development of our products.

Get Ready Online Inc. - Glenn Gosling-Cannell - RN CNCC ENCC

Glenn Gosling-Cannell, RN CNCC ENCC

Specialty Programs Director

Glenn completed his training in Nursing at John Moores University. Since then, Glenn gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in Critical Care, Emergency Care, Critic, al Flight Care, Emergency Management and Crisis Interventional Care.

Glenn has worked in the Emergency Management industry for over 15 years, working closely with agencies operating in the field during an incident, and organizations during the planning and recovery of an incident. Glenn joined Get Ready. as the Operations Manager of the Emergency Response Team (ERT), and works directly with our clients to achieve their emergency response goals.

Get Ready Online Inc. - Tim Ivanyshyn CMO, CMM III

Tim Ivanyshyn, CMO, CMM III


Tim has over 35 years experience in Administration mainly as an Executive Manager, working for municipal governments. Areas of expertise are human resources, contract development, project management, strategic planning, and procurement.  Tim joined Get Ready in the summer of 2016 and is the Director of Administration.

Get Ready Online Inc. - Adam Isaacs RN, MP, CHEM, MBA (C)

Adam Isaacs, RN, MP, CHEM, MBA (C)


With more than 20 years of clinical and professional healthcare experience, within Risk and Emergency Management, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Services, Adam is a recognized leader nationally and internationally with a proven track record of strategic program development, inter-professional team collaboration across multiple platforms and enterprise wide. Adam has presented at an international and national level due to being recognized as an innovator and visionary in the fields of Risk and Emergency management. Adam leads the Healthcare programs for Get Ready and brings his public-sector knowledge to all verticals of the services provided by our team.

Get Ready Online Inc. - Fraser Williams

Fraser Williams

General Manager

Fraser is a University of Guelph graduate. As Get Ready’s General Manager, his responsibilities include managing the financial account, assisting with the social marketing platforms, and customer service needs.  Other duties contain formatting and developing modules as well as being the site administrator, and creating user accounts for our clients.  Fraser is often the first point of contact for our clients regarding site specifics or troubleshooting situations.

Get Ready Online Inc. - John D. Neily - CEC, PCIP, CCM

John D. Neily, CEC, PCIP, CCM


John Neily is a bilingual, practicing professional services and management consultant, strategic advisor as well as certified executive coach. John has been engaged in tactical, operational and strategic level leadership in the public safety and security, as well as national security sectors for over 42 years. John is a former Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where he served in a series of progressive positions with local, provincial, national and international influence. Throughout his career in the Force he practiced risk management and provided guidance and leadership to operational planning and organizational resilience development. That skill set was refined even further as an applied research Director of the Conference Board of Canada in the national security and public safety sectors and more recently as a strategic advisor for Defence Research and Development Canada’s Center for Security Science. John is sought after in program evaluation and design, exercise development and after-action reviews.

Get Ready Online Inc. - Adam Revesz

Adam Revesz


Adam is Head of Video Production and a Partner at Get Ready.  He has been in the entertainment industry for over twenty years and has been producing videos, TV and film for about 15.  He’s produced content (in various roles) for CBC, E-One, Food Network, Astral Media, TIFF, MTV, BNN, and others as well as many large corporations around North America though his production company, One Inch Punch Productions Inc.  He also writes movies and has had a couple of short films produced as well as co-produced and directed a feature film and some shorts of his own.  A couple awards were won in there as well.

Get Ready Online Inc. - Ted Bisaillion

Ted Bisaillion


Ted is a true outlier in the group. He is a successful stand-up comedian that has also wowed corporate audiences from North America to Europe and even the North Pole with his funny take of things. His creativity combined with his business skills fit in nicely with Get Ready. When he is not performing or creating video he loves to play hockey or cheer on his beloved Leafs and Blue Jays.

Get Ready Online Inc. - Dwayne Mott

Dwayne Mott, B Math

Business Strategist

Dwayne has been involved in deploying technology solutions since he graduated from University. His career has allowed him to work with hundreds of clients across the country being involved in the technical and business aspects of delivering thousands of projects, large and small, across numerous technology platforms. He is using that experience to help Get Ready to package our offerings and produce the next generation Emergency Readiness solutions that clients are asking us for.

He has challenged us to define “Why” we exist to help explain to our clients “How” our solutions help them and “What” we can do for them.

Get Ready Online Inc. - Mike Minnick

Mike Minnick

Logistics Coordinator

Mike comes to Get Ready after having worked in the Grocery Industry for over 25 years. His experience consists of store operations, category management, space management, and supply chain and logistics.

As the Director of Logistics, Mike works with Samsung Canada, distribution companies, and third party suppliers in support of our AED Smart Cabinets Program for offices, public and government buildings, and also for our Code Blue Program to improve patient safety throughout our hospitals.