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OUR STORY – GET READY is a leading incident management planning company offering innovative solutions, consulting, training, Computer and mobile Apps and support to clients throughout North America and globally including Fortune 5000 clients, Government and VIPs (high profile individuals).

LEADERSHIP – Our expertise is global and our teams of specialists offer extensive experience and skill from a variety of areas including emergency management, risk, business continuity, crisis communications, IMS and ICC operations, training, behavioural sciences, military, special forces, police, private security, EMS and fire services. – to make sure we have the right stuff at the right time.

Get Ready has the vision – experience and expertise to work at all levels, to understand the issues facing organizations today, to be able to develop, implement and deliver products that make sense in a very competitive marketplace. We know what our clients need.

EXPERTISE – Our team of experts specializes in building fast, reliable and user-friendly programs to maximize security and ensure proactive risk management and emergency preparedness for our clients.

EXCELLENCE – We have built a reputation as industry leaders based on our passion for excellence and our continuous need to innovate to find more efficient ways to get the job done.

INNOVATION – Our goal is to provide our clients with the innovative easy-to-use tools to ensure an integrated approach when establishing workplace procedures, daily safe practices and responding to incidents. Ask for a Get Ready DEMO of our Get Ready Software for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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We have assembled advisory and consulting teams of subject matter experts to provide insights, best practices, ensure any legislative requirements are met and that a seamless integration is achieved

  • Technical Advisory Team: Through our years of experience and relationships we have a vast network of subject matter experts to draw on to keep our products and services both professional and relevant.
  • Business Advisory Team: a, legal, trademark copyright, financial and business advisors as our company rapidly grows who bring years of experience in helping us maintain a profitable and growing company financed for rapid growth and expansion.

GRO Teams

Project Teams – each project is assigned a team consisting of members who ensure the project is completed and delivered on time and on budget:

  • Project leads
  • Project management
  • SME’s
  • Admin support
  • Technical support

Our people are great to work with, they are both knowledgeable and personal.

Development Team

Full-time dedicated development team consists of software engineers, full stack development software architects and programmers including design, usability and mobile application programmers for both iOS and android devices:

  • Get Ready architecture
  • Software development
  • IOS, android app and devices
  • Server support & integration
  • Access control & security
  • Testing & validation

Our team can work closely with our client’s IT services so ensure programs and software are integrated and seamless with our clients enterprise programs like SAP, SharePoint, People Soft etc.

Communications Team

Meet our team knows how to get the word out

  • Experts in crisis communications and social media
  • Media and interview training
  • Client / staff / vendor messaging
  • Social media
  • News
  • Blogs

We developed over 500 pages of pre-drafted content pieces to ensure our clients can get right information to the right people quickly and accurately.

The Goal is to stay ahead of the incident.

Content & Quality

We continually develop and improve our emergency plans, our online and facilitated course material, incorporating usability and adult learning principals. We maintain our content to industry standards, developing new content for our programs and LMS.

  • Maintaining programs as new standards and guidelines are released
  • Develop new program material
  • Highly valued client feedback
  • Constantly looking for ways to improve
  • Develop new LMS material

Intellectual Property

  • Get Ready Online Inc. is the licensed owner of the Get Ready Online Logo and the exclusive licensee of Get Ready – software and logo.
  • Copyright on all written procedures and content related to our programs
  • Patent on industrial design
  • Trademarks for Get Ready Logo

Any copy or use of Get Ready content, trademarks or copyright materials is strictly prohibited without the expression written permission of Get Ready Online Inc. For more information read our privacy policy.

Get Ready - Trademarked
Innovations solutons with Get Ready Online Inc.

Procurement Process

Get Ready Online has worked with both corporate and public sector clients since our inception. We have a wealth of experience in developing proposals that conform to our clients’ procurement models.

If you have questions, please reach out to our sales team at sales@getreadyonline.com

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