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Get Ready Online is a professional services company, providing relevant emergency management, BCP and resilience programs.

We provide a complete program: procedures, forms, training, equipment, tracking, certification and maintenance.

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Get Ready with Incident Management made easy!

Introducing – GR-Leading the way

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Get Ready to advance Code Blue!

Our program includes an app with Patient Safety Alerts, printable forms, on-line training, monthly reports and research analytics.

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People always say, “Just tell me what I’m supposed to do”.

We help you Get Ready!

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Get Ready for an emergency!

Provide your staff with tools they’ll actually use.

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Get Ready for a school emergency with the School Ready Program

Life saving instructions and immediate notifications

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Get Ready with a Business Continuity Plan that really works!

GR provides real-time situational awareness.

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Get Ready using the GR Learning Management System!

Enable your staff to be confident and competent.

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Get Ready for the Big Event!

Receiving real-time status reports is critical.

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Get Ready to help!

Our GR Emergency Ready App is perfect for first aiders, coaches, students, parents, security and school response teams

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  •   Emergency Management
  •   Business Continuity
  •   Infectious Disease Outbreak
  •   Emergency Operation Centre (EOC)


  •   Procedure checklists
  •   Real-time Forms
  •   Status reports
  •   Learning Management System


  •   Easy to access and use
  •   Instant updates
  •   Standardized approach
  •   Rapid decision-making

Our GR software will enhance your capabilities with secure cloud based computer and mobile apps.

Get Ready Online offers tools that are compatible with your existing systems and hardware


People always say the same thing, “Just tell me what I am supposed to do” – WE DO THAT!

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A Few Policy Binders Shared By Many

500 Staff


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The GR Solution

Get Ready Online - Incident Management Systems

1 App on Everyone’s Device. Everyone Knows

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